The Rides

Our group rides are free to enter, self-supported, and non-competitive, with like-minded folk for company:

  • Rally Rides are 7-day explorations into every corner of Scotland.
  • Wild Weekend Rides are 3-day mini-adventures.
  • Roam Free Rides are the DIY option, for the independent explorers

What is a Rally?

It’s a self-supported multi-day bikepacking ride:

  • Free to enter 7-day group rides
  • Sociable, bringing like-minded riders together
  • Flexible, with tougher and easier options most days

We simply ask those who can afford it to make a donation of any size, to cover our costs and help us in our work to increase access to bikepacking.

What is a Wild Weekend?

Well I guess there are other kinds, but the RS version is:

  • Free to enter 3-day long weekend rides
  • Apart from that, just like a Rally