The Routes

There are five routes. The route files have overview maps, profiles and GPS files in various formats for download from The route track itself is colour-coded for the quality of the riding surface. Tested sections are marked blue, red or black (see below) and un-tested sections are marked green. I update the route files as I test each new section.  Here are the links to the current route files:

Here is my descriptive grading system:

Colour Code Surface Description Bike & Minimum Tyre Volume Examples
Tarmac road
any surfaced road
Touring or Gravel any tyre

Mostly small single track roads

Grade A track
even surface most of width of track, well compacted
Gravel or Touring 35mm+ tyre

Windfarm tracks
Surfaced cycle route paths

Grade B track
fairly even surface on carriageways, small gravel, stable surface
Gravel or Mountain 35mm+ tyre

Forestry tracks
Good estate tracks

Grade C track
generally uneven track, with larger rocks or loose gravel/sand surface or lots surface water
Mountain or Gravel 40mm+

Drove roads
Rough estate tracks

Grade D track
generally rough uneven surface, larger rocks, narrow, fully grassy or very muddy track or path
Mountain 40mm+

Foot paths
Single track

The Sea
Any bike
On a ferry (hopefully)

The general recipe for the routes is around 90-110km & 1200-1400m of climbing per day. The Ride Guide for each route will include suggested road short-cuts and additional off-road sections. So you can plan your own route to suit you and take as few or as many days as you like.

Roam Scotland Rally

Ride Guides

Detailed ride guides are available to all rally riders and anyone who wants to ride the route independently, in return for a donation to our charity partner. The ride guides include:

  • day-by-day descriptions of the route and short-cut options
  • information about places to stay and eat along the route
  • tips and advice about travel, access rights, kit, food supplies etc.

Anyone planning an independent ride, just make a donation (however small) to our charity partner:  and send me an email to and I will send you the most up-to-date route and a Ride Guide if available. I complete a new Ride Guide each year as we take on another area of Scotland in the Rally. You’ll even get a ‘patch’ badge thingy, as a wee momento of your ride, if you send me an email with your address to

Anyone looking for other Scottish routes, check out Markus Stitz’s offerings on Bikepacking Scotland


It’s great to see others folks ride photo’s or videos, it really does inspire others. So please, if you are posting photos on Instagram, add the hashtag #roamscotlandrally